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a home for spiritual misfits

Your contribution to sacred collective sustains our efforts to invite and partner with students to seek justice, to encounter community, and to linger in Divine truths.  Your contribution will provide food for a shared meal, or create space for sharing questions, worries, and hopes over coffee or across a table.

To make an offline donation please write a check payable to “sacred collective.” Mail your check to:

sacred collective 
213 N Linn St.
Iowa City, IA 52245

testimonies from former students

Joe Rajchel

sacred collective does amazing work. There is an unwavering commitment to building a community of students who are passionate, caring, generous, and firmly rooted in a sense of self that brings peace. I know that not only my college experience, but also who I am since leaving, has been forever changed by time at the Wesley Center. There will be many students yet to come who deserve the same chance to seek and find just like I did.

Erin Landsee

I have always been grateful for the spirit of acceptance and hospitality at sacred collective. As a student in the early 2000s, sacred collective provided a safe and comforting space that reminded me of home. Later in my life, when I moved back to Iowa City with my young family, sacred collective was one of the first places I sought for spiritual community. Even though I wasn’t a student, the people at sacred collective welcomed me, played with my kids, and held my new baby so I could listen during Bible study or have a cup of coffee on the couch. I feel honored to still be connected to sacred collective, and in the past few years I’ve witnessed the ways that sacred collective continues to be a light in students’ lives. Students come for genuine connection, a place to wonder and ask questions, to listen and be heard, to belong and be loved, and to enjoy each other and this life together. I regularly witness Anna and Sean holding gracious space for students and facilitating a sense of home that students clearly find comforting. As a mom, knowing that one day my own kids will venture out on their own, I find a lot of comfort and peace knowing that places like the sacred collective exist.